Icône information

Monday to Friday :
8am – 6pm
Saturday :
8am – 12.30pm

Waiting room

In order to limit the stress of our 4-legged friends, the waiting room is composed of a separate cat and dog area.

Consultation rooms

The consultation rooms are bright and airy. They contain motorized tables to avoid having to carry your pet and to be able to examine it in the best conditions. Each room contains all the necessary equipment for the examination of your companion.

Radiology rooms

We have a room exclusively dedicated to radiology examinations and meeting the standards in force. It has a recent and powerful X-ray machine as well as a screen to visualize the images taken instantly.

Ultrasound room

For the realization of the ultrasounds, the office is equipped with a room which is especially dedicated to it and equipped with a modern and powerful apparatus, a motorized table of examination, and a comfortable carpet to install your animal. The more relaxed your pet is, the easier the images will be to take and interpret.

Complete analysis laboratory

The vast majority of analyses are performed on site and we have the results in just a few minutes.

Blood biochemistry and hormonology:

We are equipped with a biological analyzer IDEXX Catalyst which allows the current assays of clinical biochemistry (renal parameters, hepatic parameters, glycemia, etc) and of follow-up of reproduction.

Blood count and formula:

We are equipped with a biological analyzer IDEXX Procyte which allows the realization of formula count. The count of the different families of cells circulating in the patient’s blood at the time of sampling (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, etc.) is called a formula count. This makes it possible to determine deep infections, anemias, thrombocytopenia, …

Quick tests:

We regularly use rapid tests in the clinic to refine the diagnosis:

  • Test for leukemia and feline immunodeficiency syndrome (cat AIDS),
  • Test for canine parvovirus, test for intestinal parasites (giardia),
  • Test for lungworms (angiostrongylus),
  • Test for pancreatitis,
  • Test for blood parasites (heartworm, erhlichiosis, anaplasmosis, Lyme disease).

Urine analysis:

The clinic has the equipment to carry out urinary analyses (strip, density and urinary pellet under the microscope).


We also provide microscopic examinations with or without staining for ear swabs, skin swabs, mass punctures, urinary examination and blood smears.

Preparation room

The preparation room allows us to prepare for surgery.

It is separated into 4 zones:

  • The preparation area itself. This is where we will sedate and anesthetize your pet, shear and clean the surgical area so as not to contaminate the operating room and preserve its sterility.
  • The analysis laboratory
  • The area of contaminating interventions (dentistry, care of infected wounds…)
  • The area of cleaning, packaging and sterilization of contaminated materials

Surgery room

This room is dedicated exclusively to the conduct of surgical procedures. The veterinarian is equipped with a mask, cap, gloves and sterile gowns, the operating fields are single-use, and the surgical instruments have been sterilized beforehand in the adjoining preparation room.

Our practice is equipped with a complete and efficient monitoring system, allowing us to ensure a good surveillance during the anaesthesia of your animal (instantaneous and constant monitoring of heart and respiratory rates, oxygen saturation, temperature, blood pressure, …).

An automatic ventilator can take over your pet’s breathing if necessary during the procedure.

Pain management is also one of our top priorities. Painkillers are injected before each operation and are constantly readjusted during and after your companion’s operation, so that he or she wakes up in the best possible conditions.

For the performance of technical procedures, the technical platform of surgical equipment is also complete, with an electric scalpel and a latest generation laparoscopy column, a ligasure, and everything necessary for orthopedic procedures.


Your companions’ hospitalization is very important to us.

In order to offer the best comfort and maximum security, the hospitalization boxes are large and are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment (infusion pump, syringe pump, oxygen box if necessary, surveillance cameras to check the animal’s condition at night if necessary).

For our cat friends, special boxes are used to optimize their physical and psychological well-being: they have space to walk, a shelf to climb and a hut to hide.

These boxes are not made of metal so that they don’t get cold on their pads. The entire team is committed to ensuring that your pet is as stress-free as possible, that it is fed properly and that it receives the affection it deserves!